People from every corner of the globe are gathering in cities for education, employment and the opportunity for a better life.

Advanced learning, a great career and relative freedom are wonderful, but the only way to find a genuinely great life is through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

Converge International Fellowship is a new church in Darmstadt that reaches out to people of every nationality and race with the love of Christ. More than 100 people from more than 30 nations on every continent have found a church home here!

Our Plan:

  • We meet every Sunday at 17:00 for worship (Ahastrasse 12 / 64285 Darmstadt). All are invited - those who are believers, and those who are skeptics. Click HERE for directions.
  • We are meeting weekly in LIFE Groups, Young Adult, and other affinity groups through the week to explore the Bible together and learn what it says. Click HERE for more information.
  • We are building working relationships with other churches and para church groups in the city.
  • We are connecting with the international community.  If you are in Darmstadt, contact us at
  • We intentionally share the amazing news of God's love shown through Jesus Christ.

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